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Custom CTA Design Like You've Never Seen

A Call-To-Action (CTA) mechanism is a pre-arranged series of exchanges between a website and an engaged user. It usually entails a free offer of useful information in exchange for user data. A well designed CTA is optimally placed to attract a visitors attention without detracting from a site's normal function or the visitor's experience. As a result of engaging, the vistor would get actionable information while the website gains a visitor who is much closer in confidence to committing to a purchase.

The absense of a CTA is a missed opportunity on all sides. Both the visitor and what drives new business at the website arrive at a dead end, with nothing additional to offer or gain. Visitors are left with no choice but to hopefully be presented with the opportunity they were seeking elsewhere.

Avajae Solutions is very excited about our new 'Custom CTA' offering that honestly, we haven't even seen much of, if any in the marketplace yet. What's just as excitng to both Avajae and our client, is how this all came about.

Recently Avajae was contracted by a client to provide a Standard SEO audit. Now, there was a lot to do there with respect to standing up an optimized implementation. In the most general of descriptions, our client is a service provider where their client's life time value to the company would be an easy six-figures, possibly seven. Any form of a CTA was notably absent from their site (and this absence was outlined as an item to rectify in our Audit report). We know they should have at least one, but is a free white paper good enough to land a million dollar client? I don't think so. We have to do better.

Onboarding a new client for them is labor intensive (for both the servicer and their clients). Time consuming and expensive, so a 'free trial' is completely out of the question. A facilities tour? Subscribe to our newsletter?

After exhausting the practicality of the usual 'go to' CTA strategies, Avajae brainstormed the problem with a goal of determining 'What would flip a potential customer's switch which from I'm not sure to YES?'.

We pitched our solution in a simple whiteboard construct and our client was very excited with the proposal. Since this would be our first attempt at constructing a functional model, we agreed to build on spec as well as fair price due upon delivery.

Avajae looks for these kinds of opportunities for our clients each time we perform a Standard SEO audit. as well as when engaged in providing any of our Other Services. Our longer-term goals are to get to a point where we can standardize some of the more common custom builds into an owner-customizeable CTA that stands apart in it's functionality from the generic CTA builders. In the mean time we welcome the opportunity to partner with you and very quietly (but confidently) insert this very effective functionality into the marketplace. For a limited time it's 'omakase', except with your collaboration so help us and help your business by getting to market early.